About the show

Fame Idle is a primary school musical. It is the story of three kids who are confused why everyone around them seem obsessed by celebrity culture and they are not.


It's a musical comedy with a moral message. "Fame ain't all it's cracked up to be".

It has a modern contemporary score and a witty script that follows Bobby, P.J and Smudge as they discover what friendship really means when faced with a chance of fame - but at what cost?


It was created by the writers to fulfil a need for a good musical that could be performed by children, as against a "kid's show".

The story and score are engaging for cast and audience alike and the composer is a professional musical theatre practioner writing and staging musicals for many years.


It is the perfect Year 6 (primary) end of year show and will make make you laugh and cry all in the same evening.

the professor Fame Idle - Script Extract

Script Extract

We find Bobby P.J. & Smudge at the local youth club being taught by the other kids that it is so good to be a celebrity; but our guys, they just don't get it.


While visiting Bobby's Grandad (The Professor) they are introduced to his Energizer drink that will boost their confidence, but unknown to our heroes, a plan has been hatched by some Hoodies, to steal the drink.


Later in the park, "Fame Idle" comes to town and our kids wonder if they should enter.


At the auditions the Energizer drink (that was stolen) is used by the Hoodies whilst performing their Rap - but there is a problem, the drink has side effects and they end up a laughing stock.  The Judges, in true fashion, rip into the kids.


Is now the time for Bobby to take a risk and stand up to Simon Shallow?

The Plot